About Us
Company is the outcome of the visionary and pioneering work put in by its founder Shri Chinubhai Shah in 1992. He got the inspiration and able guidance from Managing Director Shri Anand Puranik and Chief Chemist, Dr. AD Phadnish of Shri Dhootpapeshwar Ltd., Panvel (Mumbai), the pioneers in the manufacturer of ayurvedic medicines. The manufacturing of drugs is based on herbs and minerals. The products are designed on the principles of Ayurveda and perhaps only onevof its kind in Jabalpur. On account of its persistent efforts, dedication to healthy manufacturing practices, the company has achieved phenomenal growth in past 18 years.

It is well known that Lord Shiva, the deity of Health, consumed Vasuki Venom to save the human race from disaster ……..

Rudraksha, in addition to Moon & the river Ganga was the antidote. Inspired from this fact, a name Rudraksha was given to the firm and Rudraksha Ayurved (P) Ltd, offers relief in infection, inflammation & metabolism disorders.

Factory is on plot size of 3.5 acres and a built-up area of more than 7000 square feet. Surrounded with beautiful botanical garden and full of greenery along with unique ornamental botanical plants.

Company has the facilities and capability to manufacture all sorts of ayurvedic medicines based on the requirement..

Company is operating through Gujarat. Its operational area is divided into following regions:

Madhya Pradesh
Uttar Pradesh

Company’s plans to extend its area of operation and it’s planning include few cities of the southern part of the country and also to add few more products to its portfolio.
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