Brental Syrup & Capsules tunes individual to combat daily stress and strain. Brental Syrup & Capsules improves memory and concentration, Brental Syrup & Capsules relieves mental unrest and anxiety, Brental Syrup & Capsules corrects behavioral disorders.

Brental Syrup & Capsules is useful in neurosis, Psychosomatic states, Insomnia, mental unrest, personality disorders, forgetfulness and as in adjunct in Psychosis Major. Stress today is neither confined to any particular age nor follows any definite symptoma- tology. Use Brental Syrup & Capsules which is a unique herbal power for Brain.

(Withania Somnifra)

Alleviates mental unrest, anxiety, and improves memory. Is hypnotic.
(Convoluvlus Pluriculis)

Effectively controls mental irritability and anxiety. Is hypnotic and mood stabilizer.
(Centella Asiatica)

Improves memory and captive power of brain increases cerebral circulation.
(Asparagus Racemosus)
Alleviates mental and physical fatigue.
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