For smooth nights and alert days, Cosup Tulsi cough syrup is the right choice. Each
content of Cosup Tulsi has specific and selective action. Bharangi in Cosup Tulsi is an
excellent expectorant, Kantkari in Cosup Tulsi is anti histaminic, Menthal in Cosup Tulsi is
soothing agent, Adusa in Cosup Tulsi is bronchodilator Tulsi in Cosup Tulsi is an excellent
anti-infective, and Kapoor in Cosup Tulsi is antitussive.

Cosup Tulsi is a non-sedative, herbal cough syrup with antitussive and decongestant action.
Cosup Tulsi helps in expectoration and is mucolytic. Also Cosup Tulsi is extremely useful in cough associated with tuberculosis, bronchitis, allergy and smokers cough.

Cosup Tulsi which is the right choice in all types of cough and common cold, in all age groups.

(Clerodendrum serratum)

Is decongestant, bronchodilator and expectorant.

(Solanum Surattense)

Is antihistaminic, analgesic and antipyretic
(Mentha Spicata)

It has carbohydrates, fat, protein, vitamins, minerals, is antitussive, improves appetite and immunity.
(Cardia Dischotoma)

Effective bronchodilator and expectorant and antipyretic.
(Pistacia Integerrima)

It is expectorant and antipyretic.

APARMARGSHAR                  (Achyranhes Aspera)

Is expectorant, antipyretic, analgesic, improves appetite.
(Adhatoda Vasica)

Bronchodilator, mucolytic, expectorant and antipyretic.
(Viola Odorata)

Expectorant and antipyretic.
(Cinaamonum Camphora)

Relieves bronchospasam and respiratory discomfort.
(Aconis Calamus)

Antitussive & Anti histaminic
TULSI PATRA                            
(Ocimum Sanctum)
Has got strong antibacterial activity.  Improves immunity.
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