Rudraliv Syrup, Drops and Capsules is a unique friend of Liver.Rudraliv Syrup, Drops and Capsules acts as a choleratic and cholagogue, helps in digestion and as a health supplement.
Rudraliv is extremely useful as it improves appetite, helps digestion, relieves constipation and helps regeneration of Liver cells.Rudraliv Capsules, Drops and Syrup is useful in Viral Hepatitis, Alcoholic Liver Disease, Drug Induced Hepatitis, Amoebic Hepatitis, Anorexia, Indigestion and Constipation.

Use Rudraliv syrup, Drops and capsules which is a unique daily health supplement for all ages.

(Cichorium Intybus)

Has choleretic and Cholagogue action.
(Terminalia Chebula)

Has 18 amino acids and Vitamin-C which builds up body immunity.
(Andrographis Paniculata)

Choleratic and antipyretic.
(Cirrulus Colocynthis)

Choleratic, relieves constipation.
(Tinospora Cardifolia)

Antipyretic and digestive.  It also relieves Nausea and dyspepsia.
DARU HALDI                             
(Berberis Aristata)

Choleretic, Cholagogue and Antipyretic.  It is an antimicrobial.
(Tephorosia Purpurea)

Is digestive, improves appetite.

(Solamum Nigrum)

Has vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and iron which provides energy and fule in run down condition.
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