Lucorid Syrup and Capsules is a specific herbal combination for common gynecological complains.

Lucorid Syrup and Capsules regulates menstrual cycle, controls pelvic inflammation, improves appetite and vigour.

Lucorid is useful in menstrual disorders both in Menorrhagia and Dysmenorrhoea, non specific and specific leucorrhoea, low backache, general weakness, pre-menstrual tension and menopausal syndrome.

Lucorid has abundance of proteins, iron and
calcium which provides essential nutrients. Lucorid is an excellent uterine and general tonic for every woman of reproductive age.

(Saraca Asoca)

It is hemostatic, checks excess menstrual Blood loss and leucorrhoea, it also stimulates ovulation.
(Zingeber Officinale)
Contains protein, Carbohydrates, fat, Iron, Calcium, Minerals.  Provides nutrient after delivery and in cases of heavy menstrual blood loss. Has analgesic property and improves appetite.
(Terminalia Bellarica)                                    
Has hemostatic property, checks menstrual blood loss.  Improves libido and  interest in sex found effective in habitual abortion.
(Adhatoda Vasica)

Checks blood loss by constriction of small caliber blood vessels.
(Cyperus Rotundus)

Checks leucorrhoea, Relieves pain of mastalgia.
(Mesua Ferrea)

Is antimicrobial, analgesic and appetizer.
Processed egg shell powder)            
Rich source of natural calcium
BHUI AMLA                              
(Phyllanthus Urinaria)

Appetizer, potent anti-inflammatory action.
AMLA BEEJ                              
(Emblica Officinalis)

Apart from abundance of Vitamin-C  it has other vitamins and minerals.
Improves immunity, found effective in habitual abortion.

Antipyretic and analgesic.
GULVEL SATVA            
(Tinospora Cardifolia)
Antiinflammatory action controls leucorrhoea.
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