Neem a wonder Drug acclaimed world wide. Rudraksha is committed to help in skin problems with Herbal product. Neem Extract effectively controls Dandruff of the scalp and Lice – A common problem of Indian women. Neem Extract is external use product to be added 10 to 20 ml in a bucket of hot water and take bath. Neem is useful in many skin indications :-

Neem Extract Prevents
Decomposition of sweat. Neem Extract Reduce body Odor. Neem Extract
Germicidal-prevents acne, seborrhea and bacterial infection. Neem Extract Checks
allergic conditions of various skin diseases .Neem Extract is very good for Hair. So Neem Extract can be used on various skin problems.

NEEM LEAF             
(Azadirachta Leaf)

Reduces Itching,Body Odour, Eradicates Eczema    
NEEM CHHAL          
(Azadirachta Bark)

Prevents Decomposition Of Sweat.Germicidal-Prevents Acne.
NEEM FRUIT                     
(Azadirachta Fruits)                              
Checks Allergic Condition Of Various Skin Diseases Good For Hair.
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