In your daily life you must be facing complaints of digestion problem very frequently.Rudraksha presents excellent solution to this problems.

It”s RUDRAZYME SYRUP corrects digestive problem.

Rudrazyme syrup useful in Dyspepsia like…
* Carbohydrates related
* Protien related.
* Fermentive related.

Rudrazyme syrup improves digestive insufficiency like …
* Elderly patients
* Alcoholic
* Heavy smokers

Rudrazyme syrup is only solution to digestive problem like..
* Oily fried food.
* Cardiac patient prone to gas trouble
* Convalescing prone for gas trouble.

Rudrazyme syrup corrects digestive system like…
* Improves appetite
* Improves gas trouble
* Improves general health
* Improves constipation.

Dosage of Rudrazyme syrup is 1-2 tsp twice daily 15-20 minutes before meals.

(Cuminum Cyminum)

Reduces acidity

Improves Taste And Digestion.
TEJ PATTA               
(Cinnamomum Tamalaness)

Improves Digestion.
KALI MIRCH                      
(Black Pepper)

Helps In Digestion.
PIPLA MOOL                            
(Pipper Logum)

Reduces Acidity.
(Zingiber Officinale)

Helps In Digestion.
KALA NAMAK             
(Black Salt)

Helps In Digestion.
NIMBU PHOOL          
(Citrus Medica)

Improves Taste And Digestion.
(Embelia Ribes Burum’s)

Strong Digestive Enzyme.
KALI DRAKSHA                  
(Vitis Vinifera Black)

Helps In Digestion.
(Plumiago Zeylanica)
Is Anti-Microbial Hence Strong Digestive Enzyme  
(Accorus Calamus)

Strong Digestive Enzyme.
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