Rugyl Capsule Small but strong amobea causes havoc in intestine Rugyl Capsule is the right choice.Kutaj in Rugyl Capsule eradicates total alkalides, Bel in Rugyl Capsule acts as astringent to the Bowel, Indrayava in Rugyl Capsule is useful in bacillary dysentery hence, helps to normalize intestinal flora.

Rugyl Capsule is very useful in :- Acute & Chronic amoebiasis, Liver abscess, Extra intestinal. Amoebiasis, Trichomoniasis, Glardiasis and mixed infection.

Rugyl Capsule corrects intestinal infection, controls infection like acute and chronic amoebic dysentry,

Rugyl Capsule corrects appetite and general health.

Rugyl Capsule is strong on infection but gentle on Intestine.


It Eradicates Total Alkalids
(Aegle Marmelos)

Aistringent To The Bowel
(Cirrulus Colocynthis)               
Corrects Basillary Dysentry & Normalises Intestinal Flora 
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